6 February, 2023
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On the eve of Valentine's Day We are launching a special offer! LOVE STORY 一 promotion 2+1 The story of true love with a happy ending. There were two beautiful shades in the world of incredible PN
We are launching a color extravaganza  with a cool offer 一 3+1 on all gel polishes  JOIA vegan Let's add bright shades and pleasure from profitable purchases to the white and gray gam
Meet JOIA vegan New nail brand on the online shelves of our store! JOIA vegan 一 is the first vegan gel polish brand. With care for clients and the environment, the brand team created products that:
We present to you a luxurious addition to the Camouflage Base PNB line — unsurpassed bases with potal Self-confidence, charm and a special aura around do not need reasons. Be yourself and radiate fli
We tempt you with the sumptuous collection  of gel polishes “Luxurious and Exquisite” from PNB In the women's world there is a secret that everyone knows: red can change everything! The magic o
Our dear #pnblovers, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023! Everyone's hearts are now full of faith in a miracle and a New Year's fairy tale. The main gift next year for all of us
Is that PNB in ​​a suit or really Santa Claus? We are launching a cool SECRET BOX promotion from PNB This year we will be Santa Claus for #pnblovers, because from the 12 to the 26 of December we wil
Special offer from PNB for the luxurious Baby Boomer 2+1 on selected gel systems! With us, modeling will become your special feature, because the possibilities of length, architecture and color impr
Amazingly low prices! Record sale from PNB before Black Friday The biggest sale of the year is just around the corner! Don't worry, with hot discounts from PNB, you will definitely fulfill all your
Promotion from PNB for enchanting shopping! On International Shopping Day, we want to please the talented #pnblovers with a nice offer. -11% discount on the ENTIRE RANGE of PNB only on the 11 of Nov
You can never have too many base coats, we know that for sure! Transparent, nude, delicate and neon colors, with and without shimmer, you'll want to add all possible options to your arsenal, becaus
We invite you to the world of dream colors of every nail stylist. Your palette will no longer be the same, it will be filled with trendy shades of PNB gel polishes. Expect an amazing rush of inspirati
Camouflage base coatings: what they are, their benefits and cool ideas for combining them in nail art. Read more about this in our article. The moment when camouflage bases appeared, was a turning
Modern manicure is something more than well-groomed hands. Today it is a special kind of art! So that the harmony of the combination of different pigments in the manicure composition does not become
Well-groomed hands, nails of perfect shape/length and shades for every taste are the result of a modern manicure and coating procedure. And what about the health aspect of this issue? We suggest you l