Professional Nail Boutique is a lovemark in the world of nail industry.

PNB is a brand that produces high-quality premium gel polish products. Product raw materials transported from the USA meet international standards and are certified in the EU and Ukraine. Products contain safe 7-free and 12-free formulas.

The PNB range has more than 1,200 products and has won the hearts of many nail professionals.

The mission of the PNB brand is to improve the global nail market by providing a safe, hypoallergenic product of the highest quality, available to every nail service master.

Creation of new products, development of projects, communication with masters of nail aesthetics and partners of various spheres of direction ─ any activity of the PNB team is based on important values:

The highest quality standards

The product formulas are unique, as they are created on the basis of the latest developments and the best innovative technologies in the nail beauty industry. The materials are easy to use and flawless to wear.

Absolute safety

The health of the master and the client is the most important priority and strategic goal of our company. PNB products are hypoallergenic and do not cause allergic reactions.

Innovative technologies

The brand team is constantly looking for new developments and testing innovative formulas to ensure the highest quality materials.

Customer focus

We sincerely care about our clients. We believe that the customer's contact with the brand at any stage should leave a great impression. That is why we are always open to dialogue, listen to feedback and strive for continuous improvement.

In addition, PNB is a large team of professionals and fans of their business who carry out various activities. PNB's vectors include the production of hypoallergenic products, participation in large-scale international exhibitions of the nail industry, forums and championships, charity (we help children with cancer and orphanages), opening schools of nail aesthetics, regular online training of masters from brand technologists, organization of offline master classes on working with products, holding PNB Brand Days.

The PNB brand covers all the needs of masters to create a lasting gel polish, nail extensions and modeling of the most complex shapes and lengths, perfect manicures and pedicures, creative nail art and nail / cuticle care.

So we offer you to go to the world of beauty and professional materials for unsurpassed coverage on the website of our online store.